October 6, 2013


 Let's not look at the calendar as I sit here and talk about September.  12 days until Rhinebeck!
 September had more orange than I'd expect.  There are three months left to the year.  The Bug and I were discussing the insane size of this thing the other day.  We think it's a bit big for a scarf.  More like the length of a blanket.  Then I was all oooh we could make it into a blanket.  Then I measured it and we'd only need nine (my favorite number!) to make a blanket.  So that might happen.  Not sure.  Haven't fully committed.  But it's looking pretty good.
14 hexipuffs including one crocus and one moon with bead stars. Brings us up to 299!
The camera has been being weird lately.  Not sure what is up with that.  Can't be fixed now so.....oh well.

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