October 29, 2013


 This year The Bug's Halloween costume was inspired by clothes we were going to make her anyway.  That's probably a bit strange just for starters. 
 Then whenever anyone would ask what she was going to be for Halloween she'd say, "Space!".  This generally got some questioning looks and an, "ooh..." for some reason people don't like to ask kids real questions.  "What are you going to be for Halloween?" is ok but "How do you plan to depict yourself as Space?" is too much.  
 Even in costume most people aren't getting it.  "Are you an alien?"  "Sparkly girl!"  A girl interested in astronomy is so scary people can't even face it. 
Boo! There needs to be a prize for the few who proclaimed, "Oh, you're The Solar System!".  I should point out that over half who Did get it were female. 
 It seems fairly obvious.  Though perhaps it's just too unexpected. 
She's very happy with the outfit. And, really is used to people not getting her costume choices. 
This is the sweater pattern I followed.  We had fun picking out the colors for the planets. 
This is the tutorial The Bug loosely followed for her skirt.  I sewed the skirt and she painted it.  There is glow in the dark paint on the skirt, bag and her pants.  She used some constellation charts on her skirt as well.  We are also putting sparkly stuff on her face and in her hair.  It totally doesn't show up in the pictures. 

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