December 15, 2013

Catching up

 These are only my 11th pair of socks this year.  I do mean only in the past I'd do around 13 or more...  What with the not doing Sock Madness this year, and the hexipuffs taking the place of the out and about knitting I've really been lacking. 
 I started these poor socks back in June!  They've been knit on, put on hold, knit on, put on hold so many times.  It's a sad thing.
But now, at long last, they are done.  They are neat and different, or at least different for me.  Simple, stripes and slipped stitches.  Some lovely yarn; Verb for Keeping Warm.  Goodness I love their stuff. 
I finished these on the 13th.  We'd gotten our December Cookie A Sock patterns and yarn on the 9th.  Now I wasn't going to start those until January what with my 'I need to have all socks finished by the end of the year' crazyness.  But finishing on the 13th was early than I'd expected.  And left 18 days to finish those December socks.  And they are socks, with cables, and the yarn has cashmere and is this pale mint.  And...well I cast on.  I can finish a pair of socks in 18 days....right?

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Jessica Solinsky said...

I love these socks! Those are amazing.