December 16, 2013

Kitchen adventures

For today's insane act: I scrubbed the insides of avocado with a toothbrush. Why you ask.  To get all the avocado meat out of course.  You see I collected a bunch of avocado skins and pits early last summer.  Some from friends, some from me working outside my comfort zone and actually incorporated avocado into a few meals.  They've been sitting in the freezer ever since.  My plan is to dye yarn with them.  It should make a red.  Getting the avocado off the skin and pits will make it more red and less brown.  Hopefully I've scrubbed enough.  Now it sits in an ammonia and water bath for a month.
I also made a batch of broth, not exciting or photogenic.  More exciting is the blueberry coffee cake.  The Bug has decided she doesn't like the blueberry preserves.  They are pretty darn Blueberry tasting.  So into the coffee cake it goes.  mmmmm.  It's December so no Mr. Gnome at night.  I have some dinners to prepare for him to bring with him.  Also not exciting. 

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