December 26, 2013

Continuing to Fail-But at least I make a decision

On the Blog Front among others but really The Blog is what you care about.  Or not.  Really, it's a blog why would anyone care?
 I have finished one and half of the socks I wish to finish before the end of the year.  All part of my crazy if all socks are done at the end of the year we leave the year complete and can start again on the first day of the New Year with a new sock.  I have finished a cowl and if I can just tie Mr. Gnome down to taking a picture of it we'll be set!  There has been some drama with this poor cowl that was documented on Instagram with bad basement-IPod pictures.  Most of my knitting happens in the evening in the basement thus most of the drama related to knitting.  This is not a photogenic time of day for anyone. 
I did not start those thrummed mittens like I said I would.  I got all entranced by the contrasting cuff in the pictures and decided to spin the green that will be left over after the thrumming so I could cast on with that.  Thus delaying that a bit.  It's done being spun up and is drying.  Now to decide what I should spin next.....  The Fiber Optic will keep it's gradient and will become a shawl.  The Woolen Mills is fun....I don't know what it will be.  The mass of black and grey is Teeswater and I'm not entirely sure what it will be.  I'm thinking slippers.  I need slippers.  Ok after looking at these pictures of Teeswater I want to spin it up.  They are so cute!

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