December 20, 2013

Thrum Fun For All

 I actually had some plans when I went to Rhinebeck.  One of those plans was Alpaca.  Alpaca, of course, is always a good plan. 
 I got five ounces from this nice short man.  Then went to the next building where he was magically appeared again, wearing different clothes...hmmmm.wait.  They're twins.  I was thrilled to be purchasing Alpaca roving from short guys for my short guy.  
 You see the plan for that alpaca was to spin it up to make Thrummed Mittens.  Here is that lovely alpaca 171 yards of Aran weight.  Heavier than I was going for, but it'll work.  For those who may not know these are thrummed mittens.  Oh the fluffies!!!!
 I also knew I wanted the thrums to be green.  I got some green Romney at Rhinebeck as well. Today I started making thrums.  Others thought it looked like fun....this is why we can't have nice things!
A Bag O' Thrums!  I believe I will start the mittens tonight whilst watching some Lord of the Rings.  Must prepare for The Hobbit. 

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