December 31, 2013


 So one the best parts of all that finishing is the starting of new stuff!  All the newness, the excitement, the potential.  Such Fun!
The thrummed mitts for Mr. Gnome have finally made their way onto the needles.  They are thrumming along nicely.  Ha I crack me up.
 I also started a hat for The Bug.  It's the Color Me Pretty Hat.  The white is the last skein I spun from the fleece.  It was finer than the rest.  It was the fifth skein, and really, one can only be so consistent.  The orange is left over from the cardigan Oh Summer I made her a few months back. 
It wasn't until I'd cast on and gotten into the knitting that I realized.  EVERYTHING on my needles is handspun!!!!  Not a bad way to finish off the year.

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