January 1, 2014

December and thus ends the year

 We knew the scarf was going to be huge.  It is.  Crazy Huge.
 December was cold.  Except when it wasn't.  Then it was quite nice.  This scarf showed that when they say the weather is always changing in St. Louis they are right.  It also shows that when we say it feels like it's been hot forever we are also right.  Relatively.  The most and longest color blocks are in the summer.  There are plans to do this again next year!  Or this year...I guess....
11 hexipuffs made it off the needles last month.  Ok well techinically 10 I didn't want to put away a 3/4 done hexipuff for this 2014 year off from the hexipuff.  But we're saying 11. Because it's easier. There are two cabled puffs and one with cute strawberries and blossoms, I really like that one. This brings our total up to 341.  That's 154 left to go.  I may only take through June off from the hexipuffs.  I'm not sure.  I don't want to commit to anything. 

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Tempest ina Pot of Tea said...

Queen of long scarves here, and I have to save your scarf model is wearing it well.