December 7, 2013


 OH MY GOSH I am SO behind!!!!!  An entire week into December and I'm just finishing November.  And only 12 Hexipuffs to show for it!  One's a lighthouse and one is Argyle. I love argyle.  An even 330 Hexipuffs done.  And I have news.  This may be hard to hear, but I'm taking the year 2014 off from knitting hexipuffs. 
You see this sad, lonely little ball is the only ball of left over fingering weight yarn I have.  And I need to take it out on Monday.  So you see, I'm caught up.  I'm going to take a year, maybe six months, but probably a year to knit and fill up that cute little vase.  It was full last year.  I also miss knitting socks when I'm out.  I love hexipuffs and all but they really can be a little boring.  We still have December. 
This thing is why I'm late.  We have been Horrible about keeping up with the temperature scarf.  No excuse just lazy.  It is cool how you can see the season change. 

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