December 3, 2013


When The Bug was really little and I was trying to convince her to play on her own for just a little I gave her blocks.  I told her she could make things with the blocks while mommy made things with her yarn.  It would work for a few minutes but those few minutes when they are young toddlers are so precious.  Their personality showing in what they build, those moments of not being touched or needed.  I loved watching her play and seeing what she would create and imagine.  This is what drew me to knitting.  In those few minutes I could do quite a few stitches and still watch what she was doing without interfering.  Maybe nothing measurable was knit, but more than before.  Then next time there would be more, then later more, until I had a finished piece.
Now she can spend all day with a new set of Legos.  I still love to watch her create and work through problems. 

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