January 12, 2014

Hats and Hats

 Finally tied the family down and took picture of the hats! 
This a picture of the yarn newly spun up and some of the roving that was used in the thrummed mittens.
 There's a little bit of alpaca striping to break up the green and tie it in with the mittens.  He's been wearing the hat regularly ever since I finished it.  The mittens he's worn once.  I think they intimidate him.
 And then there is The Bug's hat. 
The orange bled a little when I blocked it.  grrr.  But there it is.  She's been wanting a hat with flowers on it.  It was pretty fast to knit and using left overs it's virtually free.  woo hoo.  Both hats fit over their ears and this makes them both happy.  I don't like hats and I can't imagine wanting something over my ears but they both complain about cold ears. 

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