January 7, 2014


 Mr. Gnome dug himself out and went to work today.  We are planning to go to the grocery store later.  I'm nearly out of veggies!
 I've signed up for two, count them two, Knit alongs.  The first is a Mystery Knit along with Ysolda.  I generally to always like her designs so I'm feeling good and excited about that.  Going to  use that nice red up there.  It's Claudia Handpaint and this MKAL gave me an excuse to shop the LYS's end of year sale.  It starts on the 16th and I still need to wind the yarn and do a gauge swatch.
Also, Gnome Acres is doing a Make Along.  So I decided to cast on for another pair of socks.  It was such a hard decision.  Ha, not really.  I'm doing Carousel with Gnome Acres Candy Corn.  It looks like an elongated candy corn.  I do like a funky construction for funky yarn.

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