February 18, 2014

The Arrow Has Been Followed

The Follow Your Arrow is done!  And it's pretty darn cool. I did have it all nicely blocked...but then I wore it...and then I might have tossed in on chair where it sat crumpled for a day and a half. 
 I like the asymetricalness of mine.  It hangs and wraps nicely this way.  I did end up doing A for the last clue!  Making mine BBBBA.
 This is how I'll really where it. 
See the arrows all along the bottom?  This was such a fun MKAL.  Mystery Knit alongs are always risky and this choose your own adventure is so different.  I love how mine turned out! 


R said...

I wish there was a like button on my feedly for your posts. 'Cuz I do read them... I'm usually just too lazy to comment.

Sue said...

Your shawl turned out quite pretty.