February 28, 2014

An Adventure In Pink Socks

 The Bjork Socks as they are called.  Now I have a lot of socks.  I mean a lot.  We aren't going to get into numbers.  However, up until just now I didn't have a single pair of pink socks.  Not in any shade or type.  I think there is one with some pink in it.  But that's it.  Pink just isn't a color I'm drawn to. 
Thus one of the best parts of this club; making me use colors I generally wouldn't pick myself.  I do like them; they are fun.  I am a firm believer in funky, crazy and different socks.  If you can't live out loud on your feet where can you?
I finished the socks last night.  The giant blanket gift I'm knitting has eaten all the yarn and I'm waiting for more.  This morning The Bug was all ready to read to me and I realized I didn't have a sock to knit!  She's understanding, or resigned, to my ways and happily played wit Legos while I stash dived for the next sock.  Some well marinated Wollsmeise to be knit up into Sake.  Apparently this pattern refers to some sort of raw salmon dish.  I always think of the rice wine and thought it was a representation of how one walks after have too much sake. 

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