March 1, 2014

A semi-inaccurate glance into our kitchen

I was looking through the February pictures and realized there were a bunch of food pictures I could post on the blog.  Then I realized that it's all cookies and pizza.  Ah well.
The cookies were the recipes with the February Cookie A Sock Club.  Chocolate Crinkles; I was out of powdered sugar so we used peanuts, and cream cheese sugar cookies; in which we had a bit too much fun with our cookies cutters, gnomes, and ninjas and Vermont oh my.
Earlier this week I had a massive and horrible migraine/sinus headache/desire to die.  Mr. Gnome had been rambling on about pizza bites the previous week and I'd had a plan to surprise him with semi-homemade ones.  Turns out this is a good Daddy/daughter/mommy wants to die dinner.  Then on day three of the headache Mr. Gnome brought home a frozen cheese pizza and accessorized it with veggies we had in the fridge.  He was proud, took the picture, told me to blog it.  Be glad I don't blog a lot of the things he tells me to blog...
The headache has passed and home made vegan burritos and stir fries and such are back on the menu.  Though there is still one last frozen apple pie in the deep freezer and a winter storm heading our way.

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