March 14, 2014


 Again I knit through the heel flap of an intricate sock before trying it on.  Again it is way too small.  At some point I'll learn..Right?  This one was so small I actually broke on of my needles trying to get the sock on.  Ripped it out at the playground and cast back on.  sigh.
Then later I was sitting on the floor with The Bug knitting while she did something.  We ran out the door to run errands with Mr. Gnome; sometimes this is all the family time we get.  This morning this is what my knitting looked like.  Someone had fun with the ball of yarn last night.  One cat wouldn't make eye contact and the other just stared at me wondering if I was going to take his spot on the couch.  I haven't had enough coffee yet to face it...I hope it's not too bad. 

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