March 16, 2014

I like it

The past few years The Bug's birthday has been wrapped in a new mom made article of clothing. It didn't start as an intentional thing. It's just that it's spring and I start wanting to sew again this time of year.  But then it happened for three years in a row and, well, I guess that's how traditions start.  This year it just didn't happen.  I did finish a dress for her that may fit her in a year....or two...what I was thinking when I thought she'd be a size 7/8 is beyond me.
Today instead of going knitting I caught up on house chores (blah). Then I put on my IPod and, while listening to Good Omens,  finished making this shirt (yay).  It was a Very easy shirt and it's super cute.  Thus I believe it shall happen again. 
 I'm thinking contrasting sleeves would be fun.  This shirt's fabric is from a table cloth I found last summer at a consignment shop.  I saw it and knew it must be something for The Bug.  Yellow and butterflies.  Just so her.  It seems to be quite old and a bit worn though not at all stained.  The body is the border from the table cloth, no need to hem (yay again).  I did have to adjust the body a little to make the straight bottom hem work and not be too puffy, but still puffy enough. 
The facing was giving me trouble and with her big head I needed to keep the top a bit more open anyway.  So I just gave it some lace to finish it off.  Not sure if I'm pleased with that decision.  The Bug likes it so....  Mr. Gnome, however, asked if I was working on her homeschool attire.  The support I get from that man....

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