March 29, 2014

Bigger and Redder Than Before

 Another Giant Cowl! 
 It's big and cozy.  Actually it's 2 inches shorter than the pattern calls for.  The pattern being SHERLOCKED loop
I like it.  It's red.  I got this yarn over a year ago with a gift card given to me by the in-laws.  We were visiting them in VT just after Christmas.  I'd been in the The Knitting Studio in Montpelier a few times.  Seems to move every few years so it often feels like a different store.  The yarn is The Shearer's Yarn and was some of the last the store had.  The man who dyed the yarn and raised sheep, not sure if it's all the same sheep had recently passed away.  It was nicely dyed, the yarn still has some veggie matter in it. 

1 comment:

Alexandra Davidoff said...

Love it! This pattern looks great in red :)