April 3, 2014


 I did it.  I made her the shirt again.  This time with the contrasting sleeves like I said was interesting me. 
 She recently tried on her summer clothes and apparently really is more of a size 7 in shirts.  Long torso or something.  So it's a little short on her.  Gosh, guess that means I'll have to make her another!  This is all so odd; I rarely make a pattern again.
I got the fabric at the Upcycle exchange.  The Ladybug was just enough for the body of the shirt, so I couldn't have made it longer.  The pink was possibly going to be someone's pants.  Thankfully they decided against that.  The pattern is the Flora Tunic from Sew Liberated.  Meant to say that last time; didn't. 
It's raining, and lightning and it has already hailed and we slept through a tornado.  Thus crummy inside pictures and a messy house.  Or does being stuck inside mean I'm supposed to have a clean house?  ha, yeah right!
I got the neck interfacing right this time.  It was really easy, no idea what my problem was last time.  And she has already gotten paint on it.  See the green on that lady bug.  yeah....

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