March 5, 2014

Some bad Yarns

 This is some yarn from roving I got at Rhinebeck.  It was a mess to spin.  A matted, flubby, obstinate mess.
 It's now more or less even 3ply 331 yards of sport weight yarn.  Scratchy yarn.  As in I, who am not usually bothered by such things, do not want it against my skin.  My initial plan had been for slippers for myself.  I think they'll be good for that.  If not much else.
And then there is this.  It may look like something.  But it's not.  This is the yarn I dyed with avocado skins and pits.  Or what I tried to dye with avocado skins and pits.
See that lovely red in the dye bath.  The skins and pits sit in water and ammonia for a few weeks then the yarn (pre-mordanted) sits in all that for another week.  It smells horrible.  Then you heat it all up to set the color.  And it looked good, until I went to rinse it.  Then it all rinsed away.  Red, bloody looking liquid swirling down my drain.  The yarn up there isn't even running clear yet I just gave up rinsing.  sigh....It may need to be re-dyed purple.  Purple fixes things.

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