April 7, 2014


 Some would say that teaching yourself to spin long draw with white cotton isn't the wisest thing to do. 
But I'm not the wisest person.  I'm quite insane as it turns out.  I've been wanting to do long draw and I thought the loftyness it produces would be good for cotton. I got a sample pack of natural colored cotton at Rhinebeck.  And here I go.  It'd going alright.  Not what anyone would call even.  But not absurdly bad either.  All things considered I'm quite pleased with it so far.  It does sometimes break for reasons I don't entirely understand.  Could be the cotton; Those are some really short staples you have there! Or it could be the long draw; I have no idea what I'm doing.....  I mean I have youtube and books and generally that's how I teach myself things.  So I kind of now what I'm doing.  Or at least as much as I ever do.
The fleece is still drying, which is also something a wise person wouldn't be happy about.  It keeps raining.  I was thinking of doing long draw for that as well.  It has such a lovely curl and they say that looser kinked wool should be spun loosely.  Then it'll have nice drape and be happy (Oh those Theys!).  So I was thinking of doing long draw on that too but thought maybe I should practice first....though cotton and long wool are completely different so maybe I'm just insane (see above) 

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