April 15, 2014

Wicked Nice Yarn

 This has been done for weeks.  Weeks and weeks really.  Field trips and field trips and classes and trips and oh my goodness.  I need a nap.
 It's Fiber Optic's Something Wicked Gradient I got at Rhinebeck.  I got it for this Tulip Dreams pattern.  The yarn is about 500 yds of lace weight.  Oh yes Lace Weight hand spun!  I'm feeling all fancy and crazy.  I mean it's a heavyish lace weight but I wouldn't call it a light fingering. 
I split the roving down the middle to get the color to match up.  I didn't want to Navajo ply as I was afraid that would give me too thick of a yarn. I've never split down the middle and I was a bit anxious about the colors coming together right.  They did! And it's really pretty cool. 
Now the pattern calls for 600yds of fingering.  So I'm hoping it'll work out on smaller needles.  And the Sake yarn is pretty much the same green so I'm also thinking of using the leftover of that to start then switching.  So hopefully it will all work out.  Or I'll cry...

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