May 25, 2007

Vacation of sorts....

Little Bug and I went to Virginia to visit the fam. We had a grand time! The little one became quite infatuated with Grandpa. She kept running after him saying, "The pa the pa". Very sweet, she hadn't done anything like that before. We hadn't seen my family in about nine months, so I doubt she really remembered them. My parents have three dogs, Little Bug decided that one of their crates was the Best place to hang out. Snowie, the dog whom this crate belongs to was a little confused.

We got to take a picture of the Four Generations of Faboulous Females.
Little Bug got to make Cupcakes with Grandma. Lemon and Blueberry Vegan cupcakes, from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, Yumm Yummm!! Then there was some gardening with Grandma. All in all we stayed nice and busy and had a grand time!

But it is nice to be back. We both missed Mr. Gnome, who

got a nice week all to himself..... He has this weekend off and we are hoping to get the children's bike seat onto the bike and go for a ride. Not to mention some yummy outdoor grilling Vegetarian style.

As far as the knitting goes well not much got done while I was away. I'm Almost done with the second sock. In fact I am going to finish it tonight while watching the final episode of Heroes. Dear hubby recorded it for me, Very excited!!! I need to wind another skein into a ball before I can continue work on Mr. Gnome's sweater, which only needs sleeves and collar.

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