July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth o' July

Yesterday Little Bug and I went to Fair STL. We took a very crowded train in. A nice man let me have his seat; Chivalry is not dead! We walked around the park for the first half of the evening. Played Frisbee; Little Bug is not my child, she picked up the frisbee and new how to throw it and did quite a good job! I'm lucky if it goes in the general direction that I throw it! We said hi to the ducks. Visited Mr Gnome, who was working the entry gates. Then got a nice seat centered under The Arch to watch The Goo Goo Dolls followed by some fun fireworks!

This was our view of the Concert. Not bad for free if I do say so myself! Little Bug danced and rolled down the hill until it go too crowded. After the concert was the fireworks. Little Bug had never seen fireworks before, I haven't in three years, since Boston. At first she was intrigued; Eyes wide, mouth partially open, then a bunch went off at the same time and were very loud. Little Bug wanted hugs but didn't want to stop watching. After a while she was comfortable and wanted to sit next to me. She told me when they were blue, and green, and that they were cool. After, while 30,000 people made they're way out, we waited for Mr. Gnome to finish. Then we waited in a LONG line to get onto the Metro and road home. Little Bug fell asleep on the train. All and all we had a very good time.
Today we will just relax.
As far as the knitting is going, well it's going. I have one and a half more hats to do. I had really wanted to finish them by our friday playdate, but I don't know if that will happen. I want to finish these hats so I can finish sewing up Mr. Gnome's sweater! I want to know if I get to rejoice in my sweater making acomplishment and say good job me! Or if I have to cry in despair because it is a total disaster. It looks good so far but one really can't tell until the wearer tries it on.

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