July 8, 2007

2+5=All done

I have finished the baby hats!!!! Yay!!!!! Info is the same as before. Though I don't think I mentioned before that I had changed the tassels. This cotton being what it is I knew that it would just unravel and make horrible tassels, and I just don't like tassel. Instead I made six tails by casting on however many stitches looked good then casting off then doing it again and keeping my gauge very uneven. This made them all crinkly and fun. I then knit them directly onto the hat. I'm hoping this will keep even the most determined little one from pulling the things off.

AND: The sweater for Mr. Gnome is finished. Just in time for July!..... Hey I got him to try it on and model the thing in this weather, though just inside he wasn't too keen on going outside in a wool sweater in 90 degree weather. Can't blame the boy really.
Creative Knits
Sept. 2007
Subtle Striped Pullover
I obviously did not use a striping yarn. Though it Really is Not this camo. looking in real life either. I used Araucania Nature Wool which has no real dye lots so you can kind of tell when I changed to a new ball. I know I know there are ways of getting around that but I'm lazy. It adds to it's character..... Or something..... This is the first adult size sweater I made. I made it in a size large but the length of a medium. It's a little more fitting than Mr. Gnome likes, he's self conscious of his belly. I haven't blocked it yet I'm going to see if that makes a difference. The all over pattern involves a lot of 1x1 ribbing stuff adding all sorts of stretchy fittedness that one doesn't usually see in a man's sweater. Or at least not a bear drinking man's sweater. But he likes it and says he'll wear it and that is all I can ask.

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