September 8, 2007

Too Intoxicated

Intoxicated is finished. It has been finished for almost a week I've been putting off blocking it. Sometimes the end is the worst. Will it fit? Is it a horrible disaster? If it isn't finished then it can continue to be beautiful in my head.
Here it is blocking
Saul Helped

I looks like it could be a sweater. I must mention that blocking this thing was a BITCH! The shoulders are done with a three needle bind off. My first time doing that and my first time having to rip that out. Not an easy thing to undo. Anyhoo. The blocking. It wanted to be SO much bigger than it is supposed to be. It wanted to be all stretched out. I beat it into place. The lace sleeves were a lot easier. Also wanting to be very large but tacking direction much better than the mosaic. Love knitting the mosaic; blocking is a B! Anyway. I sewed it up and well.... I need to find someone I love very much who is bigger than me....

Not great photos. But you can see how baggy it is, droops at the shoulders and well that on the top right is my hand. It is supposed to be a fitting sweater. It is really the part where it droops at the shoulders that says it is to big on me. The rest could be livable.

Oh the top picture is an iron I got at a yard sale over Labor Day weekend. I think it is cool.

Little Bug wanted to learn to knit. I cast on a few stitches and showed her. She could do the put the right needle into the loop part it was the making the loop before bringing it off the left needle that she had problems with. I told her we could try again when she is five.

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