September 11, 2007

I Hate Packing

I hate the odd shaped boxes or the odd shaped things that don't fit into the odd shaped boxes. I hate cheap tape. I have known about cheap tape for a long time yet that is still what I bought. Why why why!!!! It sticks best to itself and my fingers. It rips where you don't want it to rip. Oh it is Evil! I hate tripping over boxes; full and empty alike. I am convinced that they reach out and grab my leg whenever I walk by. I hate losing the tape and marker with every box that is packed.
Not to mention the stress of where we will be moving all by ourselves or if anyone is going to be able to help us.

Saturday I packed 2 boxes.
Monday I packed 0 boxes.
Today, so far, I have packed 7 boxes.

In less than a week we close.
One week from now I will be at the house waiting for the delivery of furniture.

Little Bug is totally picking up on all the stress she has been sleeping Horribly! Which really only adds to my stress. It is a horrible downward spiral.

Today Little Bug is 2 and a half.

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