September 9, 2007

You'd think I'd give up

After the disaster of Intoxicated you'd think I'd want a break from knitting sweaters.

This is from Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss. I found the knitting section at our local Library. It is quite nice. Some old stuff but a lot of new stuff too. A few books with one or two patterns I liked but wouldn't buy just for one or two patterns. This is the Molly Bolero. Little Bug thought that was a funny name. The yarn was given to me when I first started knitting from my former-knitting Oma. Just don't tell Debbie Bliss I'm knitting one of her patterns with acrylic Bernat yarn. She might come to my house and beat me with the size 8 needles! This is really a nice book there are a lot of patterns I'd like to do. The sizes start at three and go up to ten. However I don't see me using Debbie Bliss yarn for a kid's sweater. Ow is that stuff pricey!

And to answer your question; Yes, we have started packing. A little. Sort of.... I need to get packing tape so we put fall/winter clothes into suitcases. Little Bug had to help so she packed her own clothes. She even folded them. She is so intent on helping with Everything. It is really quite sweat and can be a lot of fun. It can also be a bit of a mess. She stirs anything I cook, she has her own broom for sweeping, when I mop she has a sponge, she has to carry one side of the laundry basket and helps fold the clothes. Packing should be an adventure.

For the next few weeks you will either hear nothing from me or lots of packing stories. Hard to truly say what I'll do. Probably not much knitting. Or at least there shouldn't be since I should be packing. We'll see.

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