September 20, 2007

Walk the walk

Every night before bed time Little Bug, Mr. Gnome (when he isn't working) and I go for a walk. It is a short walk just around the block. This walk can take half an hour to an hour, depending on how tired the bug is. It's shorter when she is tired and she just wants to be carried. Usually this is not the case. Usually she has her ritual.
First there is the rock she used to sit on. A couple weeks ago it was swarming with ants. Now it is the "bug rock" and she won't sit on it even though the ants are gone.
Then there is a small wooden wall she walks on.

Followed by the large stone wall she walks and jumps on. A dachshund lives at this home who loves to say hello and give kisses.

After this we come to the end of our street where we have the... discussion about playing at the park. Generally the discussion involves her saying she wants to play and me reminding her we are just walking before bed. Then she tells me she will play tomorrow.

Lately she has been picking up two sticks to hit together while singing a song. Today she would face a car parked on the side of the road and sing to it then she'd move on and sing to the next. She sang to five cars tonight.

Then comes a wide wooden wall with a white dog.

Then a wobbly stone wall with a stone lion. We all say "Roar" to the lion. Last night she gave it a kiss. Then the stone wall we don't walk on because the owner yells. Then another wooden wall.

At a corner of our block is a random business area. Our street is all apartments but there are three random business buildings. Little Bug walks up the path to one door then across a slate path to this door where we sit.

Today she tried to put this branch back on the tree. It didn't work.

We then walk through the parking lot of the next business and we are back on our street. There are the last two walls to walk on. Now there are also a lot of acorns to pick up. She likes to blow on the acorns, she likes it when I blow on the acorns. I'm not sure why we blow on the acorns.

At the end of the walk she puts her sticks down and we go inside.

We will only do this walk two more times. Then it will be a new walk. To and from a new house. It is all rather exciting!

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