October 5, 2007

Move, Moving, Moved!!!

Well we've been here for almost two weeks! I'm mostly unpacked and mostly put away. The big move day went great! We had some Wonderful people show up and help. We seriously couldn't have done it without them!!! Moving day was followed by me getting sick, with a clogged duct, and a massive bloody nose. I don't take stress well sometimes... All is better now. Little bug never got sick. She said ew a lot when I had the bloody nose and kept pointing to my owie on my nipple. So supportive...
Two days after getting into the house, in the midst of unpacking and feeling like crap, I got my Ravelry invite!!!!!!!!! That truly did lift my spirits!!! It is just as cool as everyone says! I haven't had the chance to explore it as much as I'd like. Darn unpacking, cooking, and cleaning!
Now onto FOs. I finished Little Bug's bolero. This was an "I need to make something that isn't crap and I need it to be quick" project. One needs these things after a complete knitting disaster.
Now for reasons we won't analyze here and now I made the size based on the amount of yarn I have as opposed to the amount of child I have. This is a 4-5. Little Bug is about a 2-3. She'll grow. It's cute and turned out fine; especially if you consider that the yarn was gifted and the pattern came from a library book. In other words I didn't pay a thing. Bernat Baby is icky stuff. It's splity and uneven and just icky. Add Crystalite needles to this acrylic yarn and you have a very squeaky knit! It is done, I have succeeded at something. On with life we go.I finished the Tofutsie socks. These are done on size 2s, could've been done on 1s. This is neat yarn, a bit splity but tolerable. I love the colors and the funky stripyness. The stripes aren't always the same size and actually the heels for some reason are completely different. I like that. They are top down using the "Alternating 2x2 Rib" from Sensational Knitted socks. Maybe not the best pattern for this yarn but I don't know what would have been. I have quite a bit left over! The ball band didn't say how much is in a ball. I'm going to make Little Bug some socks.

As far as what's on the needles now. Bupkiss! I re-cast on for Little Bug's second sock. And well that is all. I Wanted to make myself a sweater, you know that fits. But I can't same to get a decent gauge swatch. So I'm at a lost.

To add to the craftiness that seems to have become my world I give you Fabric. The striped is for Living room curtains and the green (it is green, really, don't know why it looks gray, it's a sageyish green) is for our dinning room. The dinning room window is a little bigger than normal and lets in a TON of afternoon sunshine. To the point where the chair closest is hot to sit in. Now I just need time to make curtains. Time without the Bug's help. She's a great helper really but sometimes...not so much.
I've started thinking some more about Christmas knitting. I Want to make Mr. Gnome a hat, need to find pattern, I Want to make my SIL a hat, need to find yarn and beads, I Want to make a ton of coasters (the ones I posted about earlier), need to wind skeins into balls and do a test run. As far as other people. I just don't know what to knit them. So I guess I just won't. Ah well, their loss.

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Michelle said...

You'll get a lot of use out of the bolero sweater once your Little Bug grows into it, it makes a fab 3/4 length sweater. Love the tofutsie socks too.