January 13, 2008


Recently I saw a bumper sticker that read, "My next life will be Normal". At first I smiled and thought, yeay. But then I really thought, wait what would be the same about my current life then?
There is the obvious stuff like I'd be eating meat, I probably wouldn't be nursing my almost three-year-old, and I'd be some kind of Christian, or pretend to be, or something. Which leads to the more ambiguous stuff. Like would I still be a stay-at-home mom? Is that normal now? Would I really just want one kid? Would I knit? Would I weigh more? Or is that juts normal in America? So who's normal are we talking about? I guess I'd have to be taller, so would my husband for that matter.
Speaking about the husband he wouldn't be working for a theater. That can't be normal, or sane, but that's another rant. Which means I wouldn't have seen this crazy bumper sticker walking through the parking lot to get to my husband's work. Thus I wouldn't be wondering about normal. And then being amazed at how nothing in my life would be the same. Then realizing I would never want a "normal" life and really feeling sad for whoever has that bumper sticker.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not "normal." That would be so BORING! :0)