October 28, 2008

Flower Fairy!

Naturally The Bug is being a Flower Fairy. Actually the idea was mine after I found fabric on sale that would make a wonderful fairy skirt. When I presented the idea to The Bug she was very excited.

The skirt is based on the tu-tutorial and modified for a fairy. Fairy modifications inculde a shorter skit, and bring shiney flower petals sewn on. None of her bags were flower fairy enough for trick-or-treating, or so said the expert on such things; The Bug. Luckily there was left over fabric from the petals that made a quick and easy bag.

To keep warm a flower fairy needs a lacey sweater in the color of her flower petals. This is some Katia Capri my mom gave me the first time she went to Spain over a year ago. The purple is left over something for something. The adorable button was in my button stash, a flower fairy can't have too many flowers. The pattern is Reid. After reading all the comments on Ravelry (whihc mostly just say size 2 is a size 4 and that size 4 is huge and 6 could fit and adult) I made the size 2 and as you can see it fits great and with the extra stretch of lace should fit her next year too. Research is a fabulous thing.

An interesting (or not) bit of Bug Halloween trivia: The brown shirt and leggings she is wearing in this costume are the same ones she wore last year.


Meghan said...

absolutely adorable!

jcg said...

She's gorgeous!

Rebecca said...

Way to go getting that mileage out of clothes! lol

Michelle said...

How completely adorable!