August 5, 2009

Thunder(less) Cake

We recently borrowed Thunder Cake from the library. After reading it we knew we just had to make our own Thunder Cake. We waited a week for a thunderstorm and nothing. So today we gave in and made Thunderless Cake. You may be asking yourself, "Are those Grapes on that chocolate cake?" Well yes. Back when we were in Vermont my MIL made a chocolate cake and the Bug insisted it needed grapes on top. We never did figure out where she got this idea. It was actually kind of good. Different but good. Here we are doing it again.
Also the Cake's secret ingredient.

1 comment:

Meghan said...

isn't that a patricia polacco book? LOVE her! now i must pull the book of our shelf and re-read it.

hey we dip other fruits in chocolate, so why not grapes?