September 11, 2009


Hey look knitting.... And it's finished! The Druid Mitts with Knit Picks Essential Tweed. The pattern was so fun and intricate and I love that. These are my first adult mittens. I've made a few plain kids mittens. It used a saddle closure which I've never used before and that is a really neat technique. The yarn..well I'm not a fan. It felt really Nylony and I just am not a fan of that. I also question how long some of the tweedy bits will stay on since they are just barely spun into the yarn. I'm sure they will be warm and be nice on our walks.

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Anonymous said...

How do you read this chart?
I have 68 stitches on my needles and there are 5 more squares to read on this chart. Am I supposed to skip over a section of 5 stitches? Please help!
Also this is my first time reading a chart.