September 2, 2010

Squash Education 101

This wonderful bit of leftovers is Caramelized Squash and Onion Pizza. Just listing it can cause great amounts of debate of Facebook. I have known for a long time that many people are anti squash. I never understood until that fateful Thanksgiving almost six years ago. You know the one in which you don't need teeth. I have always and this instance convinced me that people just need to have squash prepared properly. None of that mashing up with sugar, or just plopping it on the side of the plate with nothing on or in it. Squash loves herbs, it loves roasting, it should be star center stage, or plate, in the dinner. Thus I give you the beginning of this fall's squash education. Ah and you are in luck! Vegetarian Times has this recipe on their website! Go out and squash!


jcg said...

Ah, the passion of the anti-Squashites. (that includes your brother). This looks really good to me. Printed out the recipy. thanks.

Annie said...

Yeah, I'm not so much anti squash, I mean I like the stuff. But this time of year I just get so overwhelmed with the stuff! This is a good recipe tho, and there are others over there. Thanks for the heads up!