March 8, 2011


Iced was finished before the beginning of Sock Madness but we are just getting around to pictures. Or I should say I'm finally giving up on Mr. Gnome having a chance to take a picture and letting The Bug have a go at the photo shoot.
Again this is Iced using this yarn that I dyed just for me. The yarn is very kettle dyed/almost varigated. I did not however knit two rows with one ball then switch mostly because that is such a pain in the bumm. So I just hoped for the best. I think only if you know how this kind of yarn can work can you tell where the balls begin and end and not even all of the time. The buttons are random buttons from a pound of buttons bought off etsy. I know silly but fun. As far as pattern modifications I didn't do the collar shaping too old lady's robe for me. I also did garter on the bottom of the sweater and sleeves to prevent curling and I also made the sleeves full length. Actually I made the sleeves a little over full length I need to cuff them. I'm so used to having to cuff sleeves it always seems odd when I don't need to so I guess that's ok.

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