March 7, 2011

The Madness

This year I have joined Sock Madness! I just finished, moments ago, Round 1's socks.
The first sock came out midday Friday. Here we are early Monday and I'm done.
I was initially hoping to finish before The Bug's birthday party this Friday. Really I was hoping to be done before I had to make the cake Thursday. I'd never challenged myself with the knitting like this and I also rarely knit on one thing. The red yarn was the Lorna's Laces left over from Mr. Gnome's Giver socks and the polka dot stuff is from the DAL for polka dot yarn. The socks remind me of an 80's sitcom sweater.....
I knit while reading to the kid, I knit a lot more than I generally do throughout a day. I found it hard to knit while playing Life. The second round comes out in less than two weeks. The first is supposed to be the easiest and we are given the longest to finish. I'm excited and terrified of what is to come.

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