April 18, 2011

Percy Shawl

Isn't it purty. I think it should be the Purty Shawl. I like it a lot. I followed the pattern and only repeater the last two rows once more. I could have done more of chart A or B but I was afraid of it being too big. Smaller shawls can be shawls or scarves I like things with two purposes. It's almost too short as this. But it'll do. I wore it the entire day after it finished blocking. It was a day at home and all I was doing was house stuff but I wore my purty shawl all the same.
Also my first experience with nupps. My opinion: ok. I'm not anti the look of nupps as long as they aren't over used, like bobbles. A tad here and there for texture is fine. All over is just scary. As far as making the nupps. It took some getting used to but in the end it was fairly smooth going. In all I won't avoid but I won't seek it out either.
The yarn is from last year's February DAL, February Stars.


Meghan said...

LOVE LOVE this color.

Anonymous said...

It is a pretty shawl!!!