April 15, 2011

You'd think I'd be burnt

Burned out on socks that is. But no. Ha ha ha! Ok so Monday I was exhausted. A total zombie I barely remember the History Museum, there may have been some square dancing. It's hard to say. It's amazing, and maybe a little sad, how tiring knitting a pair of socks in less than 48 hours can be.
But then that afternoon, much to my surprise my Cookie A. Sock Club package arrived. I knew we were getting the pattern and recipes that evening but wasn't expecting the yarn until Wednesday. Oh happy day! Lovely isn't it. The pattern I choose to knit encompasses everything I love about Cookie's designs; twisted stitches and traveling cables. Oh joy. Of course there were cookies. One cookie recipe is brought to us by a designer Cookie interviews. This woman adapted a recipe from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. Yes. Isa in a Cookie A. Pattern. I peed. The cookies were chocolate jamers. Chocolate cookies with jelly on the inside. They were so good pictures just didn't happen. The second cookie recipe is for peanut butter cookies and are awaiting a post Passover return to baking.

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jcg said...

You are too funny.
That is a beautiful yarn.