July 26, 2011

How to Prepare for Sock Summit

Oh the things one does for socks.
Packing was done socks first. Then what will go with socks.....or sort of go....
Made a shawl to commemorate meeting the designer, a lovely lady, who because of her loyalty to her family will sadly be missing Sock Summit. I shall wear the shawl and keep her in my thoughts.
There are special socks for the '80's themed Sock Hop. Almost to the toe on that second one. No worries it shall be done tonight. Leaving me a wee bit of time to cast on for the traveling knitting. Of course a great deal of thought has gone into what the traveling knitting will be; socks, of course, and a shawl. Both of which need to be cast on still.
Made just over 60 stitch markers for the stitch marker swap and stuck tags on them with my Rav name and blog address. Sad that it is only 60 not the planned 75 since some charms never showed up in the mail. This will make me talk to people and maybe even get to know people. Things I don't do well.
Made a new knitting bag. Gnomes! It's big and can hold multiple projects, and has a big inside pocket for spare needles and the knit kit.
Nest time: Post Sock Summit Sum Up


Chrisknits said...

Have fun. I don't envy you going to a sock gig since I don't do socks anymore. But the fact you will be amongst knitters who get it leaves me feeling a twinge. Be safe!

Eileen said...

Have a fantastic time! Can't wait to hear about it.