August 2, 2011

Sock Summit....Wow.....

Oh my goodness, where to much...this will have to be a multi post thing... first we will talk about Sock Summit itself.
The Cookie A. and Janel Laidmen sock club meet up. Ummm yes...I'm in a stargate with Cookie and Janel.....I'm pretty sure I peed.....Really just too many level of geekery. It was cool I got to meet people in the group and put faces to Ravelry names. We had lunch before this and I was sitting next to Janel; she is a super neato person.
The Fleece to Feet competition. The sheered three sheep right there in the convention center then six teems starts carding, spinning and knitting like the wind. Oooh and I accidentally kineard the Yarn Harlot. Only proper really.
The Sock Hop. Crazy times.
More dancing at the flash mob. It was hilarious. Go watch if you want a laugh.
Crazy knitters standing in line for the market to open. Are you getting an idea of how many people really were there?
And only just a wee bit of Yarn Bombing.

Next time I'll do the fabulous food of Portland. Oh wow.

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