June 21, 2012

June Dyealong

Remember these?  I used to do them all the time.  This month's was Dyeing with ice cubes.  Most people were doing this as solar dying too.  Both techniques I've wanted to try.
The Bug and I made the ice cubes with Orange Kool Aid and Orange, Green and Pink Easter Egg Dye.  The Bug picked it out thus all the orange. We plopped the ice cubes in the dye pot, which happens to be black I'd hoped this would help with the solar dyeing, put the lid on and left it on our very sunny front porch.  The magic temperature for the yarn to set is 180F.  The yarn never got there, it go to 110F.  So I put it on the stove top to get it the rest of the way. 
And here we are.  You can really see where the ice cubes were laying.
A bit muddy looking like this; wonder how it'll look knit up.

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