April 27, 2013

My Chimera is Huge and other things you souldn't yell outloud in public

 Here are some of of the largest fingerless gloves ever.  Or ever made by me maybe.  The pattern is Chimera and the yarn is unknown wooly something.  I was given the yarn in two skeins.  I dyed one back here and didn't think to check the weight.  I was all Oh that looks like worsted.  La la la.  So ummm yeay guess it's Aran.  Though I still haven't put it on my handy TARDIS shaped WPI measuring thingy so really I'm still just making stuff up.  Regardless they will be super warm.  It's been cool here but not this cold.  Sorry my pretties you will have to wait until winter. 
Goes to show that the weight of a yarn can do to a pattern.  Bigger yarn bigger piece.  Ok so not really that surprising.  But it's still a pretty neat pair of fingerless mitts.  I bought this pattern over two years ago along with a couple of patterns by this designer.  Her gloves are Amazing and I Will make some.  Really and soon.  I mean it.

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Tanya said...

great looking mitts

i didnt know you could use something like that tardis thingy to check the weight of yarn. thanks you for today's lesson!