June 16, 2013

Blueberries You are My Cherry

The other evening we went Blueberry and 
cherry picking.  Evening I say. An odd time for us to be out and about.  We are boring homebodies like that.
I got a good haul.  I have no idea what the cat's deal was she was all sorts of rubbing the boxes down.  Actually this was the night she was rolling around in my shorts.  After I took them off.  Really people. 
 Tonight I made a blueberry coleslaw.  The recipe was in a Better Homes and Gardens.  For reasons unknown to all I get Better Homes and Gardens.  Sometimes, ok often, I veganize recipes in it.  They are, to me, intriguingly American.  This was pretty tasty.  As was the Cucumber, Gin & Tonic recipe that was in the magazine.  I've recently learned that I like Gin & Tonics.  Who knew. 
The evening we got back from picking the berries I made these lovlies.  Blueberry Donuts.  Oh yes these babies are amazingly good!  Why did I make them right then when we got home you ask?  Mr. Gnome has been off these past five days, thus I haven't blogged.  We were planning a trip downtown to do some stuff, see some things.  I'd planned a picnic, Egglessalad sandwiches from the Vegan Sandwiches book.  A big hit really Mr. Gnome loves his egg salad and this vegan homage was a success.  Followed by these lovely donuts.  Thus the reason I was up until midnight making them with the freshly picked blueberries.  Ok the Real reason I was up that long is because the recipe calls for apple sauce and I am out of apple sauce.  So I was all I have apples I can just make apple sauce.  I do this to myself. 

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