June 11, 2013

When Geekdoms Colide

Yesterday the June Cookie A. Sock Club packet came out and I got my yarn.  The patterns are both Star Trek in theme.  I'm doing the Spock Socks.  The Bug is very distressed that the color is wrong.  Another knitter in the club said it's to illicit an emotional response.  I liked that.  And it's the wrong color for Tiberius as well.  And I'm to insane to knit another sock with the sock club yarn.  It must be with one of the patterns.  I have problems.  Anyhow.  One of the cookie recipes is Jammy Dodgers (Collisions abound!).  I made mine with the last of last year's preserves, blueberry-cherry.  I forgot to cut a whole out of the top cookies half.  Now they cannot make anything self destruct.  But they are tasty.

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