June 10, 2013

Blueberry Pi

 Pi to the 67th place.  35 on the first sock 32 on the second.  The designer has you add one to each number so when you get to a 0 you have something to knit.  This bothered my OCD number loving brain.  So I did double yos balanced with double decreases for the 0 rounds.
I like them.  They are blue and seemingly random.  Somehow there is a row of 0 right before I started the ribbing on both socks.  Oh Pi you never cease to amaze!
 The second sock has more 0s.  I was concerned about where they'd fall.  I really couldn't have them happen when the heel needed to happen.  But it all worked out. 
The darker blue is Verb for Keeping Warm in Indigo and I have no idea what the light blue is.  Something left over from a pair of baby socks I made forever ago.  

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Meghan said...

i really like the socks, but reading this post is like a foreign language.