June 8, 2013

Ambitious or Delusional

 I joined this Mystery Knit Along.  The designer is Elena Nodel, the designer of the last three things I've knit the Bug.  I'm pretty sure it'll be great. I don't have any DK yarn in the stash.  It's an odd weight and not something most people just have lying about.  And I've been really good about only buying for specific projects.  Accept for sock yarn.  But I know it'll be for a sock.  Probably.  Sock yarn doesn't count.  I'm also being good about not buying yarn this year.  At least until The Big Trip.  ha ha ha.  More on that.
I did have some white roving I'd gotten in the holiday gift exchange.  I'm all but certain it'll be enough.  
 So I dyed it in all The Bug colors.  Yellow and Red make Orange.  
Now all I need to do is spin it up in time for the MKAL start date of July 1.  Yeah....that's it.

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Meghan said...

BIG trip? do tell!