August 26, 2013

Eat it All!

 Yesterday I realized that I could make a simple stir fry using just the veggies from our garden.  So this morning The Bug and I picked and pulled some yummies to add to what we'd been picking and storing in the fridge. 
 Sweet peppers, carrots, spicy peppers, okra and green beans.  And a pile for the broth bag.  Lots of green beans.  You can't go into the back yard without seeing a bean to pick.  The carrots and peppers took their time getting going this year but are doing well enough now.  Okra has been a fun addition to the garden this year.  I had picked enough for a grilling recipe a while back and thought that was the end of the okra.  But then they sprouted up more buds and look more okra!  These pods are smaller and more tender than the first. 
 I didn't grow onions this year so I added a bunch of garlic chives and some Oregano for the herb.  I do have a bunch of garlic downstairs that I could have used but I just didn't. 
Just add rice and some soy sauce.  It was simple and yummy and very satisfying in many ways.