January 6, 2014

Knits in a Bit of Snow

 It's a  bit crazy out there.  So thankful that we don't have anywhere we need to be.  Even Mr. Gnome has been able to stay home.  We've been watching movies and hiding under blankets. 
Mr. Gnome's hat is almost done.  After I finish this post I'll finish the hat.  The Bug's hat grows in fits.  It'll get more attention once I've finished Mr. Gnome's hat.  And then socks.  Of course.  These are the socks I started on New Year's Day.  They are for Mr. Gnome.  It's supposed to be Artemis but I apparently can't read a simple cable chart so I'm calling it Drunk Artemis.  I haven't actually cast on for 2014's Temperature scarf yet.  Maybe I'll get to that today.

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