June 13, 2011

The Experiment: Part two

In science one must be able to duplicate one's findings. The first pair of short socks for summer use have gone well. Last week the weather was in the upper 90s and we walked over half an hour both ways to bring The Bug to camp each day. Most days I wore my old cotton blend short socks and on one day I wore my wooly blend socks. Being that I only had one pair and all. On this wooly day I wasn't any hotter in the feet nor were my feet anymore funky. I know wool is supposed to wick away the moisture so in theory my feet should have been less funky; I didn't really notice a difference. Now enough about my less than funky feet.Yesterday I finished the second pair of short socks for summer use. Starting with the hand dye originally used in Mythos then used to finish the first pair of short socks. I then went to the colorful noro from the Noro stripey knee socks followed by the dark Noro from the same socks. I still have another color ball and another darker ball.
There shall be a third pair at some point. Right now Orange seems to be taking over my knitting world.

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